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We are a full service interior and architectural design firm based in Chattanooga, TN; serving all the surrounding areas. We help busy families and individuals like you achieve your ideal version of curated living, blending it seamlessly with practicality and your lifestyle needs, all while keeping your budget and aesthetic in mind.

We meet you wherever you are in your pursuit of an ideal home. Lack of time or deep pockets should not stand in the way of you living your best life in any type of dwelling you call home. From boats to condos, mansions to tiny homes- we love them all. Our services offerings include custom home plans, addition or remodeling plans, interior design & space planning, decorating & purchasing.

We bring creative solutions, expert design and outstanding results to every project we touch. We take a client-centered approach to design and will work hard to bring your vision to life. We obsess about the details, because the details are what make for a dynamic and unique design. We are diligent about guiding you through the many choices and decisions, and help you avoid costly mistakes.


Our menu of flexible design services means that you can have quality interior design by an experienced and well-qualified design firm at a price point that works for you. 

Your preferred style is important to us; whatever that might be. We create spaces that will address your functional needs, but we also want it to be infused with your personality and aesthetic vision. Don't settle for a desginer that creates interiors that all look the same. Your space should reflect your personality and things that make you uniquely you!

We welcome every genre of design style, from Mid-century Modern to Georgian, 80's Kitsch to Art Deco, and everything in between.

Our approach can be summed up as eclectic, bold, timeless, thoughtful, with the masterful use of color, pattern-mix and textures and pieces that look collected rather than procured.


Let's get started with creating your ideal version of purposeful living in your home.

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