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     Rachel has loved good design and beautiful objects as long as she can remember. This passion was fostered by a family that loved to create and build things together, and blossomed by choosing interior design as a career. In addition to having a natural eye for design, she is well-qualified by education with a master's degree in Interior Design and a post-baccalaureate certificate in Historic Preservation. She is also NCIDQ certified. 

     Her style can be characterized as bold, unique, and well layered, and she strives for interiors that marry both vintage and new, creating spaces that appear collected, not procured. She adores color and pattern, and has a talent for mixing them in ways that create excitement and joy. 

     Historic Preservation is her favorite area of focus, and she loves the creativity and satisfaction of adapting an old building to modern ways of living or creating historically sensitive interiors. She also supports preservation in our community by serving as a board member for Preserve Chattanooga, and previously served on the Historic Zoning Commission.

     In her free time you will find her traveling the world with girlfriends or her husband Bryan. She enjoys documenting these trips through photography, and collecting inspiration for designs.

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